So...what defines 'sexy'?
Sam and I recently attended the WHO Magazine 'Sexiest' event. We had a blast!

I definitely felt sexy in the incredible Misha Collection jumpsuit I was wearing. If you're wearing something beautifully tailored, you don't have to expose skin to feel sexy.

Whilst we walked the carpet we were asked what we found sexy about each other. I was a little stumped as to how to answer. I felt I had to say "I love Sam's arms" or "His smile." But really, an outfit, a persons eyes, body or voice can be sexy, but  it's more than that.

Of course, when Sam walks up, grabs me and kisses me out of the blue that's delicious. But when I find him the sexiest is when he's working and in the zone. His confidence is the sexiest thing EVER!

It's so important to remember that being sexy isn't about how people look on a superficial level. Feeling and being sexy isn't about how much skin you expose, it's about walking with your head held high, being poised, graceful and confident.

Having self worth and knowing you deserve the best and not settling for anything else, that's sexy. When the world around you knocks you down, there is nothing more attractive than dusting yourself off and getting back up with blazing fire and determination in your eyes.

Believing in yourself and listening to that little voice inside you.

We had an incredible night, and it was great to get away to Sydney. Here's my gorgeous man being a true gentleman and carrying my Louboutin's in the hotel at the end of the night.

And because I can't get enough of this jumpsuit... I couldn't help but take a million pics. Hope you love!

xx Snezana