May: A Manic Month

May: A Manic Month

I want to thank you all so much!

We can't begin to thank everybody for being so supportive, excited and kind to our little family about our baby announcement. Having people stop us to say hello & share their excitement about the news, reading the comments on Instagram and Facebook, I'm so appreciative!! You're awesome. I hope you feel like part of our little family, and we will keep updating you along the way. 

The month of May must have been one of the craziest months I have had in a long time!

Between running Eve to footy, dancing and swim lessons, Sam's whirlwind 28 book tour finishing up, our family participating in the Mother's Day Classic, a myriad of family birthday parties and events, all in the midst of us trying to keep the news of our baby under wraps - it felt like May went so fast that I didn't even noticed it past till same posted on the 28 community page that it was 1st June!. Some of my favourite bits...

It started with the big CHOP! With @hermizdanial from Joey Scandizzo Salon


Here are a few of my favourite moments...