How I balance: Food & Fitness

Hint: I don't nail it 100% of the time - no one's perfect!

So you probably know by now, I'm an ambassador for the 28 By Sam Wood program, and I have a fiance who kicks my butt into gear so I can keep up with him!

A lot of you ask about what I eat, my favourite things to cook, if I have a sweet tooth, and how much I work out.

Like anyone, I have areas of my body I wish were different! At the moment, because I had extreme morning (....actually all day and night) sickness, I lost a bit of weight and apparently my butt deserted me entirely, even though the pregnancy swelling is now starting to kick in. Not great! . So at the moment I'm working on getting a booty that 1) exists  2) is a bit of a peach. 

I love working out once I'm doing it, it can just take me a while to get going! Before the Bachelor I trained so hard to get super fit but I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to sustain it and stay motivated in the house, yep, correct!

But first, a girl's gotta eat!

Food is one of the best things in life! Cooking with my family and talking while sharing a meal are some of my favourite memories. I hate going hungry, and always try and start the day with a good breakfast.

My favourite things to eat on a day when I have a bit of time for preparation are:

Breakfast  - I love combining one banana and one egg in my nutribullet, whizzing it up and then making pancakes from the batter, it's delicious and still healthy.

From the 28 recipe book:

Lunch - Thai Beef Salad or Cauliflower Rice -  SO GOOD! 

Snacks -  Hot Chilli chocolate and Pumpkin, spinach & pine nut egg cups

Dinner - Mexican beef tortillas and Pasta Bake...YES I still have pasta! Or else I would die! 

Dessert -  Better than Ice Cream (icecream) & Healthy Raspberry Crumble

Now...time to WORK

My workouts vary a little, but I will do the 28 program every morning. Its quick, effective and gets me ready for the day. 28 also has thousands of pregnant woman currently doing the program. They show you how to modify your exercise and customise your nutrition requirements not just through pregnancy but also during breast feeding. Chloe who is a physio is also apart of the 28 team who specialise in pre and post-natal pilates.

Sam takes me for a workout most Mondays & Wednesdays where we will do the 28 program, with a little bit extra... because I think he just likes to see me suffer!

My favourite areas to focus on are my butt and arms - it's not about being skinny, I just want to tone up and feel strong.

If you have questions or are looking for some tips, please comment below! 

To sign up to the 28 program with Sam and I, head to
Sam always shares stories from our life with the 28 community and it feels like one big family which is great for when you're needing a bit of extra support.