Last minute gifts For the Person Who Has It All

Last minute gifts For the Person Who Has It All

Christmas means yummy food, family and of course ...presents! Buying presents can be SO frustrating, especially for that one person in your life that seems to have EVERYTHING! (Sam, I'm looking at you)

To make things a little easier, I've assembled my go-to last minute gift ideas that have helped me get out of a bind before!

1. Something monogrammed
Monogramming is everywhere and it's not just high-end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton doing it anymore (yay!). I think having someones initials imprinted on a gift shows you spent the time to tailor the gift to them, and the personal touch makes it a one of a kind. Mon Purse are my go-to for leather monogrammed pieces, like these luggage tags - perfect for a guy or a girl. For last-minute, Myer in Melbourne & Sydney have in-store monogramming done while you wait.

2. 'Adopt' an animal at a local zoo or wild life sanctuary
Animals are so cute there's no way anyone would not love this one! Places like Zoo's Victoria let you choose what type of animal you want to 'adopt' for someone, and the proceeds go to protecting endangered species. You get a photo and a little plush toy of the animal too. It's too cute not to love!

3. A service subscription
There are hundreds of different subscriptions you can choose from so you'll definitely find something they'll love. For those in Sydney or Melbourne, Daily blooms allows you to deliver flowers to your loved one on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. It's the perfect way to show someone you're thinking about them. I'm also a fan of beauty boxes like The Parcel.

4. Donate to their favourite charity
Organisations like TEAR Australia, Caritas and World Vision let you buy gifts like childhood immunisation, seeds and stationary which are sent to those who need it most. Choose an organisation with a cause that's close to their heart and go from there.

5. Experiences
This is a great one because websites such as Red Balloon or Adrenaline have literally thousands of fun experience gifts like photography courses or dance classes, I can always find something that will work!

When someone already has everything, sometimes the best gifts aren't material at all. It's not actually about the perfect gift but just finding a way to show your love and appreciation. Wishing you luck on your last minute hunt! xx