Brow Trend: Feather Tattooing

Anyone who knows me, knows there's one thing I get particularly fussy about - and that's letting anyone touch my brows!

So I've always done my own brows. I've used everything - gel, powder, pencils, whatever the new trend is.

In my experience, some brow stylists tend to do just the one shape - regardless of whether that suits someone's face, and it can sometimes detract, rather than enhance, someones natural features. 

I've noticed the Arch Stylist's work on Instagram and decided - after some caaaareful and deep research, I was willing to trust them and the new brow trend that seems to be dominating the beauty world: Feather Touch Tattooing.

I know - the thought of wielding a tattoo gun anywhere near your face sortof fills you with terror - but don't stress - it's nothing like old-school, traditional tattoos!

Feather tattooing involves a sharp object, but it is in no way scary. There's no machinery involved. Instead, a specialist uses a tool with a tiny blade that deposits pigment under the skin to create the look of individual hairs. It goes nowhere near as deep as a regular tattoo, and the tool allows the technician (or i should really call them an ARTIST because it seriously is an art!) to achieve hair-like strokes and create a dreamy set of brows.

I sat down with the expert Yasmin at The Arch Stylist to get the low-down.

What's the biggest concern/misconception people have when they enquire about the process?

Yasmin: I think the biggest misconception women have when they ask about the process that their brows will look too dark/ very block-like/ won’t match their face and that they're going to be very, very permanent. The process we use replicates very fine strokes to replicate the brow hair that may already be there. 

During the healing process the brows are dark for the first few days (where the pigments oxidise) but actually, we find that after the first appointment we get calls from women worried because their brows appear to have ‘faded’ ‘dropped out’ or ‘disappeared'. This is very normal! Happening to about 60% of women who come in, it is a phenomenon that lasts only a few weeks at most. We tell women not to freak out, wait it out and eventually, prior to their second perfection session, the fine strokes will reappear and will be ready for appointment number two, where we perfect, shape and fix any of those fine strokes that may have dropped out whilst healing and not come back like the rest of them. 

 The master stylist Yasmin at work

The master stylist Yasmin at work

How long does it last? What maintenance is required?

Yasmin: Feather touch tattoo’s are a semi permanent tattoo, which is beneficial for anything on the face as previously cosmetic tattoos have been completely permanent- resulting in blue or red tones over time (think old ladies with those eyebrow tattoos! ). With our semi permanent pigment, it will last 12-24 months depending on several factors such as sun exposure, chemicals/facials you may use and medicines you may take, and we do provide you with an aftercare sheet so you can keep your brows perfectly maintained until we see in 12-24 months time (if necessary!). We have different costs for these sessions, so check it out on our website. 

 The Arch Stylist's beautiful Prahran Studio

The Arch Stylist's beautiful Prahran Studio

I'm loving the result - it's subtle, natural, and saves me so much time in the morning. If you have any questions about the process please comment below and I'll answer them all.