Our secret photoshoot

By now you may have heard, that Sam and I have a little baby girl on the way.

This is the most exciting, wonderful moment for our little family and we were eager to share it with everyone! Hiding our pregnancy from everyone for the first trimester was tough for a few reasons. One, I was feeling like hell day and night and really struggled to get out and about and hold a conversation, no 'morning' sickness here! It was more all-damn-day-and-night sickness! I wasn't one of the lucky ones, in fact you might say I had severe morning/night sickness, dizzy spells and like the majority of woman during this time the smell of anything and everything made me... eeeewwwwh! Even Sam's aftershave which I used to find masculine and yum now was in the, "put it on and I'll kill you" zone.  So I was either at home, at the doctors or hospital and when I had other commitments which I felt I couldn't  break, I would attend praying not to pass out or throw up on someone and give away our itty bitty secret growing inside me. Also even though I'm not a big drinker my water and juice drinking at events was starting to raise suspicion.

After all that, then there's me starting to 'show'. It wasn't that hard initially but recently my very honest European mum Menka and sister Lidija confirmed what my ankles and face where already telling me....... "Yeah Snez, you look puffy".

Haha... I love their honesty, it's refreshing.  Even boots which my feet once swam in are now bursting at the seems by late afternoon. My stupid inferior vena cava and hormone levels are messing with me and there is nothing I can do. Sam has heard the sporadic hormonal melt downs over this and now I think I just have to embrace it and accept it. So I am now "at one" with the puff. Bring on the water retention baby! I'm ready for you!

I originally wanted to keep our pregnancy quiet a little longer but my body just had other ideas. I wanted to capture this moment in time, and capture my beautiful first born baby girl Eve Victoria at this special age with photos I can keep for a lifetime, and have been wanting to work with the photographer Vicky Vergara for a long time. So before I got any puffier I reached out to her for this photoshoot.

From the moment I met Vicky her positive electric energy was contagious, she made me feel welcome and had me completely at ease in a matter of minutes. I think when you do something like this it helps to be comfortable with the person who you are entrusting to capture the moment especailly when your photographing children as well.

She is incredible at what she does, she was fantastic with Eve and has an eye for detail and celebrates woman for the beautiful strong people we are. You can't feel anything but beautiful and relaxed when working with her. We were lucky enough to have Vicky make Eve and my heavenly custom gowns and accessories for the shoot, all by hand.

Vicky takes a beautiful pictures but also has and eye for textile and design... and a kick ass painter to boot. There is no end to her creativity, which is why her work is so damn amazing. Shooting our announcement pic with Eve was so exciting for me, I think we forget how quickly they grow up. You just go through the days and one day you wake up and your little Monkey is growing up and you cant believe your eyes. I'm so thankful I have these beautiful treasures of my two baby girls (yes i WILL call Eve my baby girl and Monkey even after she is grown with her own family and she cant stop me!!)

I knew it was too big a secret to keep for much longer, and when I got to share the beautiful final result with all of you I was so relieved/thrilled. Thank you SO much for sharing in this happy moment with us, it's been so heart warming to read your comments and have your support.

Makeup by the beautiful @saphiremua
Hair by the talented @malihairspa

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Vicky's Instagram @Vicky_Papas_Vergara