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What to pack for a romantic getaway

Snezana MarkoskiComment
What to pack for a romantic getaway

So you've planned a romantic weekend away with your hottie other-half and now...time to pack!

With the amount of traveling I do, I have almost perfected the art of packing (I say 'almost' because there is 110% chance I'll forget something no matter how organised I am). Here's a little advice I can offer to make things easy and painless.

Let's face it - you don't want to take a large suitcase with you, especially if your relationship is only new, maybe try not freak him out too soon by packing the kitchen sink! Men like to think that woman who walks out onto the street looking natural and 'is effortless'... little do they know that looking effortless takes EFFORT!  Ohhh, ignorance is bliss. 

Here are my tips for nailing it this Valentine's Day:

1. Sexy Lingerie. 
If your relationship is new and you're still a little shy, don't go crazy buying something ultra sexy and provocative. Especially if you aren't confident enough to wear it. There is nothing less sexy than looking awkward. Let's start with something simple and sexy, that doesn't look like you're trying too hard and let your natural sexiness and confidence shine through.
Marks & Spencer have finally landed in Australia and in preparation for Valentine's I went a little crazy shopping their site. They have so many beautiful, tasteful lingerie sets and ship here super fast (in time for this weekend!).
You can never go wrong with a soft lace triangle bralette and panties. I bought the red-set below for this Valentine's, along with a whole bunch of pieces...I kind of bought a LOT! Don't tell Sam.

 My favourite set is available  here

My favourite set is available here

 Just a taste of some of the pieces I bought from Marks & Spencer!

Just a taste of some of the pieces I bought from Marks & Spencer!

2. Pack something cute to sleep in.
I've made this mistake before and the last thing you want after you've done the cute lingerie is ask to borrow his baggy oversized t-shirt to sleep in because you forgot about the pyjamas! No one actually sleeps in the lacey lingerie...right? My choice is always something simple. Nothing too fussy - frilly - or pink. Not for me. Either a nightie or luxe pyjamas are perfect.

These pyjamas are super luxurious and cute, find them here

 If you get stuck, this also doubles as a cute the look  here

If you get stuck, this also doubles as a cute the look here

My favourite nightie can be found here

3. Remember a gift for him.
If you're hoping for him to put some thought into what to get you for Valentine's, the best way is to set the tone and do something thoughtful for him. If he doesn't get it right the first time - at least he knows the standard for next year! I picked this super soft, luxurious men's robe for Sam, personalised with the letter 'S'. Personalising it wins you a few extra brownie points for the added thought!

 Find your personalised robe from Marks & Spencer  here

Find your personalised robe from Marks & Spencer here

4. Don't bother with heels.
You want to be able to take long romantic walks were he sweeps you up twirls you around and kisses you passionately just like in a cheesy romance novel. Now, the probability of this ever happening is reduces significantly if your whinging about how sore your feet are. Instead opt for flats. If you want to look a little more polished and luxe, try a metallic hue that you can wear throughout the day with a sun dress and follow through with them into the evening for something a little more glamorous. If you have to take a set of heels...go for a wedge that's comfy and light weight.

Her's a taste of what's going in my suitcase this weekend:

5. Don't forget a little 'beautifier' or two!
As much as we'd all love to wake up and step out with a Victoria Secret models tresses falling down around our faces and flawless clear bronzed skin some of us aren't so lucky and need a little help.
I recommend getting a simple blow out at your hairdresser the day your leaving. I find that when the hairdresser does my hair it always last longer and you get that super chic bed head hair that actually looks good. Then just arm yourself with hair ties and dry shampoo as a back up. As far as makeup goes all you will need is a light foundation that will take you from day to night, a bronzer which will double as an eyeshadow, contour and blusher,  brown eyeliner (because it isn't harsh) that will double as a brow filler,  mascara and some lip gloss.That's it! No need for anything else. 

5. Do your Homework.
Dress according to where you're going... and the weather. Nothing kills a romantic mood like not packing a coat, and shivering through your romantic winery tour!

I hope you all have a fun Valentine's Day with your loved one, would love to hear your best tips for a perfect romantic getaway below.


This blog post is in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links.